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AoC Sport is the lead organisation for college sport and physical activity. Offering a range of specialist advice, training and events, we champion a whole-organisation, cross-curricular approach to sport and physical activity, which results in improved educational outcomes, employability and student health.

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  • AoC Sport briefing 6/19

    This week's briefing includes an update of progress on the government's Sporting Future strategy and priorities for the future.

    14 Feb 2019

  • AoC Sport briefing 5/19

    This week's briefing includes a consultation with colleges on workforce registration and details of how to book for the upcoming AoC Sport spring network meetings.

    07 Feb 2019

  • AoC Sport briefing 2/19

    This week's briefing includes the launch of a new Ofsted consultation and a report into the impact of the Baker clause.

    17 Jan 2019

  • AoC Sport briefing 1/19

    This week's briefing includes details of the NHS Long Term Plan, an opportunity for students to volunteer at the National Championships, and a last call to book for the Curriculum Conference.

    10 Jan 2019

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